About Us

The Brown family realizes that nothing is better than having home cooked food, but not just any home cooked food: food that hits from heart to stomach and the greatest imaginations. One of our recipes is blueberry yams. Once you eat them, you never want to put the fork down! We also have a trademark of blueberry cinnamon cornbread that comes with every meal. Our catfish is the biggest that you ever saw and our grits are out of sight!



Blue Soul Fine Dining is located in historic Germantown in the Northwest part of Philadelphia. We believe there is not a better city than the city of Brotherly Love to get food! Five-star restaurants are usually downtown. This one is in town! Be a part of us. Be a part of history. Be a part of Blue Soul! We have live jazz and blues music Thursday through Sunday, enhancing your dining experience.

We have Wi-Fi!

Name: Blue

Password: Good6339